Fire & Ice Studio creates custom Architectural Art Glass for any building application. We etch, light carve and deep carve plate glass and mirror. 

Each work is unique. Our specialty is double side etching and carving, a technique which produces three dimensional depth to our glass art. The interplay of light flowing through the layers of etch is breathtakingly beautiful. Visual effects of our Architectural Art Glass fluctuate with weather and seasons.

Fire & Ice can produce, but is not limited to: custom tub and shower surrounds, dividing wall windows, backlit walls, stair rail sides, transoms, doors, room dividers, sliding layered etched glass pocket doors, windows, kitchen cabinet doors, table tops and an array of custom lighting build and design, glass furniture build and design.

Our one of a kind designs are hand cut and never the same, even if the motif is used more than once. We are able to pre-cut graphic design as well, so any design we're given is easily done to spec. We take care to find working solutions for project timelines and budgets. Due to the individual requirements of each client, we do not price per square foot for anything but our affordable art glass line.

At Fire & Ice, we have an affordable art glass line derived from graphics designed in house. Please click on our Giftware link for more information.

Deborah is available for architectural and public project glass consulting and design. She has experience in glass application and design, as well as sustainable building and green community planning.

Our motifs are earth, elemental, and human oriented.

Our clients: Individuals, Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, Corporations, Community Planners, Green builders, Sustainable oriented planners. Anyone with a creative bent who would like more Art in everyday life.