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About Deborah Goldhaft


Photo credit: Corinna Raznikov Photography

Deborah was raised in rural Southern New Jersey. College led her to study Anthropology as a generalist, and afterwards she lived, travelled, and explored overseas for several years. While in Adelaide, South Australia, Deborah apprenticed with a hot glass studio before relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 1981.

On Vashon Island in 1988, due to the intermittent loss of power, she set up a sandblasting studio rather than a hot glass furnace. It turned out to be a great idea, as Deborah found the glass sandblast medium more suitable for her artistic expression. Deborah founded Fire & Ice Glass Studio on Vashon Island, Washington, in 1991.

In 2004 the studio moved to Providence, Rhode Island. Deborah continues to create functional and decorative art as well as design custom Architectural Art Glass for both residential and commercial use.

Full resume available.

Artist Statement

I often feel like Alice in “Through the Looking Glass” as I design and use the sandblast process. There is always a sense of wonder and surprise as each creation unveils itself to me.

I am fascinated by the three-dimensional quality of imagery and light that can be created with layering design on plate glass and mirror. There is always a sense of transformation involved working with any sort of glass. It is both solid and liquid simultaneously, moving and still — clear becoming opaque. Working with mirror is especially exciting as it always includes the viewer as part of the art.

My background in Anthropology, martial arts, my interest in global environmental issues and science find expression through my work.

Prevalent themes: The human footprints we leave on our planet, the effect of plant, animal, and geologic forces through time and space. Earth, Air, Fire and Water.